If you need help, please call us at 11-646-626-6111 Monday-Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?
To cancel your subscription please call Trackimo at 1-646-626-6111 Monday-Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm EST.

Why Doesn’t My Find My Pet Update The Location?
For your Find My Pet to update, a couple of things need to take place. 1.) You need to have either a GPS or a Wi-Fi signal as well as GSM 2G cell coverage and 2.) You need to have it set to tracking mode.

Make sure your tracker is turned on by pressing the On/Off button on the side of the device. To test if you have 2G coverage in your area, press and release the On/Off button. If the light flashed green, you have coverage, if it flashes red, you do not have coverage and we will need to send you a 3G device. To get a 3G device, please call 1-646-626-6111 Monday-Friday 10:00am to 7:00pm EST.

Please login to your account using the Account Login link above – NOT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE. Once you are logged in, you will see “Tracking period (min): with a drop down box to select from 1 to 120 minutes. See the image below for a reference. Please keep in mind, if the device is not moving, it will not update because nothing has changed so there is nothing to update. Once the device starts moving, it will update at the interval you set.

On/Off Button

What do the lights mean?

SOS Button – Sends your pet’s location to you when it is pressed. Must be pressed and held for four seconds to activate. This prevents false activation.

How Do I Attach My Find My Pet To My Pet’s Collar?
There are two ways to attach the Find My Pet to your pet’s collar. If the collar has a fixed buckle and clasp, you can use the fabric pouch. Insert the device into the pouch and stretch the elastic over the buckle on the collar.

The most secure way to attach the device to a collar is to use the plastic holder. You will need a collar that has a removable clasp or buckle to use this method. Lift the clasp and with the logo on the Find My Pet facing down, align the On/Off button on the device with the opening on the holder and snap the device into the holder. The clasp is designed to come off so do not worry that you have broken the holder. Before closing the clasp, thread the collar through the rectangular “loops” on the holder. Position the device where you want it on the collar and close the clasp to hold it in place. Replace the clasp or buckle on the collar and place the collar on your pet.

What Are User Preferences?
When you click on User Preference at the top of the web page you can setup basic preference for your account. Below are the recommended settings:

What Are The Recommended Settings for My Find My Pet Tracker?
Each device can have its own settings depending on the needs of each pet and your personal preferences. We at least recommend you have alerts set up for Low battery alarm and the SOS key. You will also notice that under several of these settings, you can add more contacts for these alarms. You will be able to add either a phone number or an email address for each contact and you can have up to 10 additional contacts for each alarm. You will also be able to select an icon for each device. This is especially useful if you have more than one device in your account.

Can Anyone Track My Pet?
The only way another person can track your pet is if you give them access to your account. There are some cases when you want to do this such as giving your spouse or children the ability to track your pet. They would need to download our App and login with your information and/or login to our website using your login information. You can also have up to ten people receive text or email alerts. To add these contacts, login via our website and click on Settings under each device you have activated and your contacts to the various alerts available.

Can I Track More Than One Pet?
Absolutely! Each pet would need a Find My Pet GPS Tracker and then you would need to add each device to your account. To add a device, login to your account using the Account Login link above – NOT ON YOUR SMARTPHONE, click Activate Device and follow the instructions.

Does Find My Pet GPS Show Where My Pet Has Been?
Yes! Your Find My Pet GPS Tracker will keep a history or your pet’s travels for up to one year! You can get your pet’s travel history on our website or your Smartphone. If you are using the website, go down to History and select the time range you wish to view. On your Smartphone, click the “Clock” icon in the upper left and select the time frame. See images below

History Setting on Website:

History Setting on Smartphone:

How Do I Set Up a Fence?
Click on the device name you wish to add a fence for, then click “Fences” and then click the “Create a new Fence” button. A rectangle pink fence will appear surrounding your device (or at the center of the map).

  • You can enter a specific address to centralize your fence around it.
  • You can select a pre-defined perimeter size.
  • You can modify the fence size and location by dragging its borders and moving it on the map.

When you’re satisfied with your new fence, give it a name and click “Save”. Once the Fence is created, you can add additional emails and phone numbers (by SMS) that will receive alerts for this fence.